Everything You Need To Know About Fall Fashion 2020

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

There are many ways to feel inspired by the way you dress this Fall, even though the styles look a little different this year. We were all enjoying the hot Summer weather and now it's about time to swap out our beachwear and into Fall attire. We will soon be reaching for long pants, long sleeves, hoodies, and sweaters. Despite the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, the fashion scene is still trying to sway from the first. Since the designers do not expect a return to pre-pandemic activities before Fall 2021, they have a selection of 2020 Fall trends to give a glimmer of distraction.

The coronavirus pandemic is showing that when people are being forced to spend more of their time inside, the supply and demand curves shift significantly and this shift is affecting the retail industry directly. People are more comfortable embracing comfort clothes such as baggy t-shirts, sweatshirts, and joggers since there are no events to attend, and no one they feel pressured to impress. There is a big shift happening in the way the industry creates collections and how it operates, though brands and designers are trying their best to restore normalcy, they know that because the demand is now on comfort clothes they have to be creative and innovative given the environment.

We are seeing a good chance this season for more awareness around sustainability. From recycling fabrics and using sustainably sourced materials to more transparency in companies ‘environmental and social performances, the industry is going through a transformation. With the stay-at-home orders issued, some organizations reflected on the Fall fashion 2020 trends via zoom. They came up with a Metallic face mask set, Metallic miniskirt, and others.

Although you may not have the need of wearing some of the trending pieces to the office or to your favorite place, or at an awesome event, that is what life looks like right now. Either way, you do still need apparel. This new environment is pushy designers to be even more creative and bold with their styles. From a twist on your favorite jacket to deep hues all are still to be worn in the Fall of 2020.

Once the bright colors of summer fade, jewel tones, including amethyst, ruby, sapphire, and citrine are ready to make it easy for you into the Fall. Whether you are picking out a wedding guest dress or everyday suit, you will want to shop for what makes you feel luxurious because of the color treatment. Jewel tones are impactful and set a magical tone, therefore go for eye-opening, bold, and beautiful shades.

Being the official leather weather is one of the best parts. The designers gave us something exciting to look forward to and fresh, which is colored leather. They created lavish pieces in the bold shade like caramel and ultraviolet that were simply amazing to resist. The shearling outwears and faux-fur jackets always cycle back into fashion especially to the youths when the colder months approach.

On the fashion scene at the moment, there is an abundance of luxurious materials. Both leather and faux leather pieces have gained universal approval for this season. Brands are updating coordinated looks in this material instead of being limited to outerwear. Brands do head-to-toe leather looks like a modern take on power dressing.

Finally, the current essential piece is a mask. It’s one of the top accessories for 2020 because in most cases a mask is mandatory no matter how much some of us wish they weren't. Designers have replaced their clothing design with mask collections. 2020 will be remembered for survival fashion.

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